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  • £ 89.99

    The Sareer Matrah Memory Coil Mattress takes the spinal support benefits of a coil sprung mattress and blends this with a layer of body shape-moulding and pressure-point relieving memory foam.This extremely beneficial combination allows for a mattress that is well ventilated, as well as hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial. Furthermore, a mattress as...

    £ 89.99
  • £ 89.00

    Made by the NBF-approved Sareer, the Sareer Matrah Coil Sprung Mattress has been manufactured to adhere to your comfort and support requirements.The mattress utilises a 13.5g coil sprung unit to offer a firmness rating that is great if you need back support whilst you sleep. In terms of comfort, the mattress uses a high quality damask fabric and a...

    £ 89.00
  • £ 119.00

    The Living Shire Rose Mattress boasts a 13.5 gauge spring unit with a 6 gauge rod edge wire for a stable and supportive sleep surface. Generous layers of fillings combined with a stitch bond cotton cover make this mattress a great choice for any bed. Available in Different Sizes.          13.5 quality spring unit           6 gauge rod edge wire frame...

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  • £ 189.00
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    The Ortho Shire Chatsworth Mattress Designed to suit those who prefer a harder sleeping surface, the Ortho Chatsworth from Shire Beds is a premium quality double size mattress with a firm orthopaedic support. Hand tufted for strength and durability, the mattress is upholstered in a quality damask cover and features hypo-allergenic fillings, ideal for...

    £ 189.00
  • £ 139.00

    The Shire Ortho Chatham Mattress Combining affordability with durability and quality, this mattress is designed for enhanced back support. The Shire Ortho Chatham Mattress combines comfort and durability. This mattress comes finished in polyester damask fabric using a Macromatic designer quilted panel.High quality 12.5 gauge spring unit 6 gauge rod...

    £ 139.00
  • £ 208.00

    The Shire Ortho Cheshire Mattress is designed for enhanced back support, this mattress is a hardwearing and reliable option for any bed and Ideal for those who prefer a firm mattress.The Ortho Shire Cheshire Mattress combines comfort and durability with a touch of luxury. This mattress comes finished in Visco-cotton, providing a slightly softer feel...

    £ 208.00
  • £ 155.00

    The Shire Ortho Back care Mattress is finished in Visco-cotton, this hardwearing mattress is a reliable and high quality choice for any bed and ideal for those who prefer a firm mattress.The Ortho Shire Back care Mattress combines comfort and durability with a touch of luxury. This mattress comes finished in Visco-cotton, providing a slightly softer...

    £ 155.00
  • £ 160.00

    The Shire Memory Crown 15 Mattress Combining memory foam with a 13.5 gauge open coil spring unit, this mattress is a great choice for any bed.13.5 spring unit 6 gauge rod edge wire frame 15mm V60 memory foam layers of supportive fillings Quality damask  cool plus lid Quilted panel in stretch knit cool plus fabric Non-turn mattress

    £ 160.00
  • £ 74.99

    This 13.5 gauge bonnell spring unit, Premier Mattress provides a 900gsm spring insulater pad and 270gsm polyester filling tohelp you get the best night's sleep. With high quality stitch quilting, and a Belgium damask quilted cover, this mattress provides the maximum comfort level you need. Available in 76cm, 90cm, 120cm, 135cm and 150cm sizes, why not...

    £ 74.99
  • £ 99.00

    A stitch quilted, oyster damask ticking mattress with a semi orthopaedic comfort level.13.5 Gauge Bonnell Spring Unit Rod Edge Supports 900gsm Spring Insulator Pad 600gsm Polyester Filling Quilted Belgium Damask Cover Quilted Border with Air Vents

    £ 99.00
  • £ 129.00

    Super Royalty Orthopedic Mattress has been hand tufted with luxurious fillings with extra firm bonnel springs with rod edge and flag stitched handles and air vents.Firm and luxurious 12" (250mm) deep mattress for outstanding pressure relief. Quilted  layers of quality fillings for your support. Available in Differnt Sizes.

    £ 129.00
  • £ 154.00 £ 289.00

    Visco Royal Orthopedic Mattress is High Density Memory Orthopedic Mattress, Hand Tufted, Side Vents and Handle. Finished in Modern High Quality Stretch Fabric.

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  • £ 120.00 £ 270.00

    This Memory Touch Orthopedic Mattress hypoallergenic filled sleep system has been hand tufted for support and comfort. Exceptional value for money, with an expensive look and feel. Medium feel. 9" deep luxury Orthopedic sleep system.

    £ 120.00 £ 270.00
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