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  • £ 130.99

    The Camden Bed Frame combines light beech with contemporary Black and is available in multiple sizes. The Camden Bed Frame has a delightful combination of light beech and Black metal struts with curved head and foot bar for a distinctively contemporary look.

    £ 130.99
  • £ 104.99

    The Luxury Tufted Bonnell Spring & Memory Foam Mattress utilises a robust bonnell spring unit, a traditional spring system offering great support and stability. The coil spring unit is topped with durable fillings and a sumptuous layer of memory foam. The unique properties of memory foam allow it to respond to your body heat and mould to your...

    £ 104.99
  • £ 114.99

    These mattresses come vacuum packed. Please note: The mattress is suitable for use immediately, however please allow up to 48 hours for the mattress to regain its shape.All of our Memory Foam Mattresses comply with UK Fire Safety Regulations. All of our mattresses are approved by the National Bed Federation. This range of dual layered, high density...

    £ 114.99
  • £ 93.99

    This range of dual layered, high density memory foam mattresses come in four depth variations to make sure there is a mattress which is perfect for each individual providing unrivalled support and enhanced comfort. Finished with a soft and non-allergenic knitted cover. These mattresses come vacuum packed.Please note: The mattress is suitable for use...

    £ 93.99
  • £ 174.99

    A black faux leather bed frame, featuring a hydraulic gas lift to reveal plenty of storage. The Prado Plus Ottoman Bed Frame - Black would make a stylish and eye-catching addition to any contemporary styled bedroom. Expertly finished in black faux leather, this bed features a hydraulic gas lift that raises the mattress and base to reveal useful and ample...

    £ 174.99
  • £ 119.99

    A charming white bed with strong pine frame, slatted base and headboard, and a white finish. For a restful sleep the beautiful Derby Bed is ideal. This Charming white bed offers great value and quality, it’s great as a guest bed for any bedroom. The bed is elevated from the floor with strong legs, and the solid slats allow air to circulate around the...

    £ 119.99
  • £ 105.99

    Product materials Damask fabric Foam Interconnected springs Metal air vents Medium softness Hand tufted fillers Quilted sides Extra information 12.5 gauge spring unit Hypo allergenic fillings Reversible Handles for carrying Air vents to release air when Pressure is applied 

    £ 105.99
  • £ 229.00

    The Sareer Pocketo 1500 Pocket Cool Blue Memory Mattress is manufactured to regulate body temperatures to provide the best night's sleep.• 1500 COUNT POCKET SPRING UNIT • HEAVY MATTRESS • 2 SIDED MATTRESS • MICRO QUILTED PANEL TOP AND BOTTOM • 4 HANDLES • AIR VENTS • NO ROLL TOGHETER • HIGH QUAILTY VISCOSE FABRIC • FILLINGS - POLLY-FILL REBOUND COTTON...

    £ 229.00
  • £ 274.99

    The Memory Mattress features a 1000 Pocket Spring unit with an added 1 inch layer of Memory Foam on the top surface. The Memory Mattress also incorporates a hand tufted luxury damask cover with quilted border and air vents to increase air flow and breathability.  Made Exclusively in the UK 25mm Visco Elastic memory foam topping Air vents to increase...

    £ 274.99
  • £ 129.00

    The Sareer Matrah Memory Foam Mattress is an example of a mattress that is designed with your comfort in mind.Featuring an extra soft material top layer that has been specially developed by the NBF-approved Sareer team, the memory foam used works to match the contours of your body, as well as to spread body weight. In turn, this leaves you comfortable...

    £ 129.00
  • £ 89.99

    The Sareer Matrah Memory Coil Mattress takes the spinal support benefits of a coil sprung mattress and blends this with a layer of body shape-moulding and pressure-point relieving memory foam.This extremely beneficial combination allows for a mattress that is well ventilated, as well as hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial. Furthermore, a mattress as...

    £ 89.99
  • £ 144.99

    The Salerno Shaker bed has a timeless style with refined detailing, constructed from solid white oak, finished in a durable ivory lacquer. Salerno is a beautiful bed that fits with a range of decor, offering outstanding value for money. Featuring a sprung slatted base for extra comfort, and additional mattress life. Available in 90cm, 135cm, and 150cm...

    £ 144.99
  • £ 89.00

    Made by the NBF-approved Sareer, the Sareer Matrah Coil Sprung Mattress has been manufactured to adhere to your comfort and support requirements.The mattress utilises a 13.5g coil sprung unit to offer a firmness rating that is great if you need back support whilst you sleep. In terms of comfort, the mattress uses a high quality damask fabric and a...

    £ 89.00
  • £ 234.99

    Combining up to 1500 individually pocketed springs and a latex foam layer allows for the Sareer Matrah Latex Pocket Mattress to offer you support and comfort in abundance. The pocket sprung unit is made up of independent springs that remain unaffected by movement in other areas of the mattress, meaning your sleeping surface is consistent and your body...

    £ 234.99
  • £ 279.99

    If you suffer from neck, shoulder or back pain and struggle to get in a comfortable angle at night, constantly shifting from side to side, the Pocketo Essentials mattress will be ideal for you. Containing 1000 body moulding pocket springs that relieve unwanted pressure from your body by spreading your weight across the mattress. With A layer of...

    £ 279.99
  • £ 859.00

    The Sareer Pocketo 5000 Pocket Cool Blue Memory Mattress is manufactured to regulate body temperatures to provide the best night's sleep. The top layer has been developed and engineered to offer the same matching of your body shape, like any other memory foam mattress. •      5000 COUNT AIR SUSPENSION POCKET SPRING UNIT       HEAVY MATTRESS        2...

    £ 859.00
  • £ 679.00

    Sareer Pockéto 5000 Pocket Reflex Plus Mattress is manufactured to ensure all the benefits of a restful night are taken advantage of the open sprung unit,offers a firm level of support offering a refreshed and ache-free nights sleep and it's naturally hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, too, making this mattress ideal for allergy sufferers. To maintain...

    £ 679.00
  • £ 189.00

    The Living Shire Rose Mattress boasts a 13.5 gauge spring unit with a 6 gauge rod edge wire for a stable and supportive sleep surface. Generous layers of fillings combined with a stitch bond cotton cover make this mattress a great choice for any bed. Available in Different Sizes.          13.5 quality spring unit           6 gauge rod edge wire frame...

    £ 189.00
  • £ 309.99

    The Shire Ortho Pocket is 1000 Pocket Spring Mattress and a great option for those with back problems or who just prefer a firmer mattress,the Ortho Shire Pocket Mattress features 1000 individually pocketed springs for increased support. This mattress uses a range of orthopaedic fillings and is finished in damask for increased durability.          1000...

    £ 309.99
  • £ 259.00
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    The Ortho Shire Chatsworth Mattress Designed to suit those who prefer a harder sleeping surface, the Ortho Chatsworth from Shire Beds is a premium quality double size mattress with a firm orthopaedic support. Hand tufted for strength and durability, the mattress is upholstered in a quality damask cover and features hypo-allergenic fillings, ideal for...

    £ 259.00
  • £ 579.00
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    The Impression Cool Indigo 25 Pocket Sprung Mattress has been developed and engineered to offer the same feel and pressure relieving properties as the equivalent density visco-elastic memory foam but without the associated heat discomfort.The Impression Cool Indigo 25 also features Ultra-Fresh anti-microbial protection for the ultimate in mattress...

    £ 579.00
  • £ 209.00

    The Shire Ortho Chatham Mattress Combining affordability with durability and quality, this mattress is designed for enhanced back support. The Shire Ortho Chatham Mattress combines comfort and durability. This mattress comes finished in polyester damask fabric using a Macromatic designer quilted panel.High quality 12.5 gauge spring unit 6 gauge rod...

    £ 209.00
  • £ 273.00

    The Shire Ortho Cheshire Mattress is designed for enhanced back support, this mattress is a hardwearing and reliable option for any bed and Ideal for those who prefer a firm mattress.The Ortho Shire Cheshire Mattress combines comfort and durability with a touch of luxury. This mattress comes finished in Visco-cotton, providing a slightly softer feel...

    £ 273.00
  • £ 265.00

    The Shire Ortho Back care Mattress is finished in Visco-cotton, this hardwearing mattress is a reliable and high quality choice for any bed and ideal for those who prefer a firm mattress.The Ortho Shire Back care Mattress combines comfort and durability with a touch of luxury. This mattress comes finished in Visco-cotton, providing a slightly softer...

    £ 265.00
  • £ 225.00

    The Shire Memory Crown 15 Mattress Combining memory foam with a 13.5 gauge open coil spring unit, this mattress is a great choice for any bed.13.5 spring unit 6 gauge rod edge wire frame 15mm V60 memory foam layers of supportive fillings Quality damask  cool plus lid Quilted panel in stretch knit cool plus fabric Non-turn mattress

    £ 225.00
  • £ 273.00

    The Shire MemorySovereign 40 Mattress features a luxurious 40mm of memory foam in addition to 800 pocket springs and generous layers of fillings including reflex foam. Memory foam is designed to conform to the body, providing support for pressure points and encouraging correct spinal alignment while you sleep. Denser than normal foam, it adjusts to your...

    £ 273.00
  • £ 363.00

    The Shire Memory Foam 1000 Pocket Spring is designed to conform to the body, providing support for pressure points and encouraging correct spinal alignment while you sleep. Denser than normal foam, it adjusts to your body to create the ideal sleeping surface. With 1000 pocket springs and luxurious layers of fillings including 70mm Visco-elastic fibre of...

    £ 363.00
  • £ 298.00

    Affordability and comfort meet in the 1000 Pocket Shire Balmoral Mattress. With its cotton tufted finish and damask cover this pocket sprung mattress is the perfect option for any room in the house. 1000 individually pocketed springs and generous layers of fillings ensure a restful sleep every night. This popular pocket sprung mattress with tufted finish...

    £ 298.00
  • £ 444.00

    The Shire Kensington 2000 Pocket Spring Mattress has been designed to provide a restful night. With 2000 individually pocketed springs and a range of natural fillings including wool, cotton, and cashmere this mattress is a great option for any bed. Wool tufts, flag stitched handles, and a damask cover complete this luxury product.2000 individually...

    £ 444.00
  • £ 578.00

    The Shire Sandringham 3000 Pocket Spring Mattress boasts 3000 individually pocketed springs for enhanced support while you sleep. Finished in top quality damask and featuring double wool tufts, this mattress uses a selection of natural fillings including cashmere, wool, silk, and cotton for a restful slumber every night.3000 individually pocketed...

    £ 578.00
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